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Alain Daniélou Foundation – RESIDENCY PROGRAMME – BASES

Residencies are intended as professional development opportunities for writers, visual artists, intellectuals, performance musicians and composers, musicologists and photographers Projects on the main areas of competence (Alain Daniélou, music, thought and photography) will have priority over other works.
Both established and emerging artists are encouraged to apply.
Any person over the age of 18 is eligible.
English/Hindi/Tamal/Bengali and Malayalam skills will be highly appreciated.
Proposals for must be made in writing and will be examined by the Advisory Committee to assess the pertinence to the Foundation’s mission.

Applications and supporting materials must be submitted in the period from June to November (preceding the grant year).

Applications must be sent to:

Duration of residency
Options of 2, 4 or 6 weeks (maximum) are available with preference going to 2-4 week requests.
Duration is determined by jury rankings, overall application packet and schedule availability.

Applicants are responsible for including contact information for two character references from individuals who are familiar with them and their creative work habits. If applicant advances to the third and final round of jurying, the references will be contacted via email.

Collaborators may be accepted for a residency; however, all collaborators need to submit separate applications along with a joint proposal. Please indicate in the proposal the requirements for work space(s).

All applications will be submitted via email to – Alain Daniélou Foundation

Alain Daniélou Foundation’s Residence known as Il Labirinto or The Labyrinth is located in the Italian villa of Zagarolo (40 Km distance from Rome). The ideal location for residential programmes with various buildings set in 5 ha of landscaped grounds; offices, residence, resource centre, library and an auditorium for 120 people.

The Alain Daniélou Foundation Residency Programme doesn’t include a cash refund, but a full board staying at our centre in Zagarolo, Rome.
Residencies provide time, space and facilities for research, experimentation and production of work and ideas in the visual, literary, photography, and musical arts.
Each resident is offered separate living accommodations with private bath.
The Alain Daniélou Foundation Residency Programme doesn’t cover visas.

A van shuttle service will be provided both to and from the Alain Daniélou Foundation Residence from airport and train station. If you choose to drive your own vehicle, driving directions can be found on the website.

Travel and medical insurance are in charge of the grantees.

Alain Daniélou Foundation Grants
Residencies are compatible with the Alain Daniélou Foundation Grant Programme.

* all inquiries must be sent to the following email address

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