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Residential centre Alain Daniélou

The centre in Zagarolo (Rome) was bought by Alain Daniélou in the 1960s and became his Italian residence when he returned to live in Europe. The 5 hectares of landscaped grounds are the ideal location for organising open-air events, seminars and master-classes, rather in the tradition adopted by Tagore in Shantiniketan.

The property is located on an important historical site which has been inhabited for thousands of years; indeed pre-Roman pottery shards and other remains were found when renovation works were carried out on the main house. The site has been known since antiquity as Il Colle del Labirinto or Hill of the Labyrinth which has been inspiration for our logo and indirectly, for the acronym of the new Alain Daniélou Foundation .

Today, Il Labirinto has a series of resources and its residential facilities can host individual scholars or artists as well as meetings or conferences.

The Centre has the following resources:

  • Tagore Auditorium: a fully equipped conference facilities for approx. 100 people;
  • Media library: bibliographic works, audiovisual materials on India-European themes;
  • Shantiniketan Gardens: landscaped gardens where open-air events and lessons can be held;
  • Residential facilities: both in the main complex and in separate houses on the property for resident artists, scholars or small groups;
  • Photography Archive: extensive photographic materials on various themes, India-Europea studies, anthropology, dance, etc.