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The incredible continuity of India’s artistic heritage spans millennia and encompasses many disciplines and genres; its culture has influenced Western art, philosophy and literature over the centuries. Many Europeans and Western thinkers have been drawn to its profound cultural base which has always had the capacity to absorb and incorporate foreign culture into its own. With the recent rapid growth of new creative industries, India is now on an equal footing with the most advanced nations in sectors such as music, photography, documentaries, performing and visual arts and design.
The Foundation intends to create bridges through collaborative projects in which single artists or institutes representing India and other countries can find a wider and more objective vision of the different creative scenarios worldwide.
The Foundation strongly believes in the need to uphold classicism in traditional artistic genres and furthermore, will prioritize photography, video art and documentaries due to the fundamental role that these media play in strengthening understanding between different cultures.
The Alain Daniélou Foundation will focus on different artistic disciplines to create opportunities for artists and researchers of different nationalities to participate in joint activities. These activities will take the form of laboratories, research project, master-classes, workshops, residency programmes or other innovative web-based activities.
The target participants in the programme will be equally varied, ranging from music schools, orchestras, theatrical companies, art schools to individual musicians, photographers, dancers or other artists.
Moreover, the Alain Daniélou Foundation’s Artist in Residence programme will constitute a fundamental part of the Artistic Dialogue programme.