The Alain Daniélou Foundation encourages collaborative and individual scholarship to create fruitful interaction with the public at various levels. With this aim in mind, it supports a Residency Programmes in which Indian or Western artists (musicians, photographers, documentary-makers, painters, poets, writer, etc.) or intellectuals are invited to spend a period in Italy (maximun six weeks) dedicated to developing a project in line with the Foundation’s action plan.

Each residency programme (Journalists, Artists, Intellectuals and Musicians) will involve a period of stay in Italy during which, the resident will continue his or her individual research or work but have the opportunity of interacting with other persons and to engage in that ancient tradition of intercultural dialogue.

The Residency Programmes will also give rise to various other activities such as the Talks at the Labyrinth which is a forum for the exchange and discussion of thought-provoking ideas and musical recitals, art exhibitions and masterclasses or seminars.