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List of participants to Alain Daniélou Foundation Residency Programme 2013

Aveek SenAveek Sen, writer & journalist, Kolkata.

Swaminathan musicologist and Director of Swaminathan, Delhi.

Tarun TejpalTarun Tejpal, Director of Tehelka, Delhi

Malvika SinghMalvika Singh, publisher of Seminar, Delhi.

Shoma ChaudhuryShoma Chaudhury, journalist, Delhi.

Subodh GuptaSubodh Gupta, artist, New Delhi.

Bharti KherBharti Kher, artist, New Delhi.

Shekhar KapurShekhar Kapur, filmmaker, Mumbai.

The residents stayed at Villa Il Labirinto – Alain Daniélou Center for one week after the Inauguration Mela, and participated in different programmes apart from The Body Conference, depending on their field of competence.

Artists Subodh Gupta and Bharti Kher, and the journalist and editor Malvika Singh participated in a roundtable at MaXXi Museum in Rome.

Writers Tarun Tejpal and Emanuele Trevi attended a lecture at Casa delle Letterature in Rome, presented by the Alain Daniélou Foundation’s Artistic Dialogue Director Riccardo Biadene.