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Workshop with Jeffrey Kripal: Whither the Superhumanities? Critical and Creative Reflections on some “New Humanisms” for the XXI Century

Photo Jeffrey Kripal (his own courtesy).

The main motivation of this workshop is to share a long, profound, and multi-layered discussion with Prof. Jeffrey Kripal (Rice University, USA) on the following topics:
1. The idea of the “superhuman” and its relationship to different forms of the human in contemporary critical theory.
2. The relationship between the erotic and the mystical in religious experience.
3. The semantics of “altered states” and their relevance for the humanities.
4. The role and the importance of the subjective dimension in scholarship and the notion of what Jeffrey Kripal calls a “secret body” as its transpersonal imprint.
5. The opposition between the “mystical/paranormal (vector)” and the “matrix of history/culture” in the context of transculturally oriented societies.
6. The scope of the imperative “to decolonize reality” and its consequences.