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Photo by Dafne Ricardo, 2023

Amazonian Pajés Pekã Rasu Yawanawa and Nani Kateyuve Yawanawa together with guides of Kiva Ceremony Heriberto Villasenor and Nubia Rodriguez (at the center), surrounded by Yanawanas family, Anatta Sensorium organization and participants of the Kiva Ceremony.
Photo by Dafne Ricardo, 2023.

The origin of the KIVA Ceremony is a vision that the healer Raymundo Tigre Perez (Texas, US) had about fifty years ago in a ritual called Sun Dance. Nowadays the ceremony is carried out by Heriberto Villaseñor (Mexico) in different countries. During four days, Indigenous peoples from all five-continent share their knowledge and ways of living with the participants. This year the event was organized in Germany by the NGO Roots of the Earth, a movement for the preservation of local traditions and their lands all over the world. The main purpose was to give indigenous peoples the floor to show their modes of being and allow participants to learn from it. A forgotten kind of relation with nature was reenacted, which offers a clear alternative to the ecological and social crisis of our time.