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WORKSHOP « Normativity and the Margins: The Question of Tantra »

Photo by Paolo Eugenio Rosati

Alain Daniélou Foundation presents the fourth issue of the “Transcultural Encounters” Forum, this time devoted to a subject that in some way exemplifies the dynamics of Hinduism: the relationship (and tension) between normativity and marginality.

The religious phenomenon called tantra provides a very articulated approach to marginality in Hinduism, in which not only local and regional research, but also genetic and comparative hypotheses come to the fore, especially when in reflecting on the difficult issue of identity construction and legitimation.

Two-day forum from 21 to 22 October with many sessions a day, divided amongst individual presentations and group discussions.
The event includes a round-table discussion with Bettina Bäumer (Abhinavagupta Research Library) and Raffaele Torella (University of La Sapienza) led by Andrea Acri (EPHE) and Adrián Navigante (Alain Daniélou Foundation’s ).