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Une exposition itinérante - INDIADIVINE SENSUALITÉ

During the ’30s, Alain Daniélou and Raymond Burnier, two young brave and passionate Europeans, embarked on a journey that would change their lives and also the Western perception about Eastern culture, mostly about Indian dance and music.
The idea that lies behind the exhibition has grown out of some photographs Burnier and Daniélou took at Khajuraho, Konarak and Bhubaneshwar temples. By following the hidden shapes covered by wild plants, they brought back to life stunning reliefs of dancers and other mythological figures carved into the stone of the ancient temples. These photographs represented a world where human body was conceived as a way to the sacred: dance and music represented the highest expression of communication which would connect humans to the gods and to the other humans.
This unique photographic reportage would turn out to be the first photographic exhibition ever showed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, in 1949, by largely contributing to expanding Western knowledge about Indian art and culture.
Hence, the Alain Daniélou Foundation is willing to set up a brand new exhibition out of this peerless collection of vintage photographs of medieval Indian architecture and sculptures, by shading a light on the intimate relationship between Indian dance and classic sculpture, eros and divine: while the human body becomes arrested as a sculpture, the latter one captures the movement of the human body as it was its self moving.
The exhibition will be multidisciplinary, by combining dance and philosophy, visual art and performing arts, writing, music, and high technology devices such as holograms.
The spectator will not only be introduced to Alain Daniélou and Raymond Burnier original photographs and works, but also be provided with interesting insights into Indian traditional art and culture.
The Alain Daniélou Foundation is looking for Institutional partners for the setting of the exhibition.
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