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Kalaripayattu Performance

with Alessandro Anil Biswas, Edoardo Sartorio-Cannas (performers)
Kalipada Adhikary (sri khol, percussions)

Kalaripayattu is an Indian martial art that originated in South India. It is the oldest surviving martial art in India and it is believed to be the ‘mother’ of many other martial arts of the South East Asia. It has distinctly peformative aspects that are ofter incorporated in many dance-theatre forms of India. The practice always opens with the Guruvandhanam, a ritual of salutation to the Sky, the Earth, the Guru and the God Ganesha. The performance concludes with the Dance of the Fire, which combines the most vigorous aspects of the form with the fluidity and elegance of the movement sequences, which are more evocative in nature. The fire is the main protagonist of the scene here, it engages with space filling it with luminous and highly suggestive  choreographies .

Alessandro Anil Biswas, born in 1990, has lived in India until his teens, in Santiniketan (West Bengal), attending the world renowned Institution founded by R. N. Tagore, the famous Bengali poet, writer, playwright, composer, philosopher, and social reformer (Nobel Prize in 1913). Anil started his training in Kalaripayattu at the age of nine under the mentorship of guru Jaychandran Nair. In 2008 he successfully completed his diploma course at KESMA Kerala School of Martial Arts. Anil has been working for many years under the direction of his father Abani Biswas, who founded the international centre ‘Theatre House, Sources Research of Indian Performative Arts’, after his (long lasting) collaboration with Polish theatre director Jerzy Grotowski. Anil started teaching Kalaripayattu at the age of 16. He has continued his training attending materclasses and courses with Martin Crimp, Romeo Castellucci, Eugenio Barba, Anatolij Vassiliev. Since 2018 Anil is the Artistic Director of Theatre House, West Bengal, India. He has been active as a playwriter and has directed the following works: To Celebrate the Human Glory, Dance Once, Pray Twice, The Tea Room, Human, Antigone. In 2019 Anil founded the Collettivo Imperfetto on the project Antigone. He graduated in Philosophy and Literature in the United Kingdom. He moved to Italy in 2013 and since then has been collaborating with several literary magazines. He received special recognition and awards: Poesiafestival, Premio Rimini per la poesia giovane, Casa della Poesia di Como, Premio Mario Luzi. He has been working as a translator for the Almanacco di poesia di Raffaelli editore – Poeti bengalesi dopo Tagore. His literary debut Versante d’esilio – Minerva editore, 2019 won him the awards Premio Camaiore proposta, 2019, Premio Città di Como. He later publishes Come tradurre la neve (Animamundi edizione) with Franca Mancinelli and Maria Grazia Calandrone. His works have been included in the anthology Poeti nati negli anni novanta (Ladolfi editore), edited by Eleonora Rimolo and Giovanni Ibello.


26th and 27th June – Palazzo Rospigliosi, Zagarolo


with  A. Anil Biswas
Open Sharing / Kalaripayattu: 27th June

La Fondazione Alain Daniélou in collaboration with Associazione Gamaka will host a Kalaripayattu  Masterclass conducted by kalari master Anil Biswas . The masterclass will take place on June 26th-27th with two full days of intensive work (10 hrs), and will be hosted in the beautiful settings of the Rospigliosi Palace  in Zagarolo (RM). The masterclass is open to  performers, actors, martial arts practitioners, dancers  and anyone interested in learning kalaripayattu.  Kalaripayattu is an Indian martial art that originated in South India. It is the oldest surviving martial art in India and it is believed to be the ‘mother’ of many other martial arts of the South East Asia.

For further info about the masterclass please check the Programme here

tel. +39 3465960083
facebook: Associazione Gamaka

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