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Jacques Cloarec, as beneficiary of Alain Daniélou, donated Alain Daniélou’s recordings to Casa Asia of Barcelona in 2002. These recordings have been digitized and catalogued. The Daniélou archive is described on the Casa Asia site and can be consulted using the following link. It comprises 72 digitized CDs containing over 50 hours of traditional music recorded between 1950 and 1970 in various countries of Asia: India, Iran, Thailand, amongst others. Casa Asia states that this bequest is one of the most important in Europe with regard to the traditional music of Asia. Casa Asia’s latest initiative, on March 1st 2013, is to make a sound archive available on line, on which it is possible to listen to the recordings of the Alain Daniélou archives. The original tapes are kept at Barcelona’s Museum of Music, where they were transferred in 2002. They were digitized in 2007.
Museu de la Música currently owns 332 original magnetic tapes of the Alain Daniélou Collection.