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The 2014 Alain Daniélou Grant Programme has awarded the following five researchers and artists, whose projects and proposals have been selected by the Alain Daniélou Foundation’s Advisory Committee:

Nicola Biondi is currently working on her second thesis for the École Pratique des Hautes Études on the current situation of music in India. Her project will be a comparative ethno-musicological study of the principal sources of Indian music and how these are practiced in India today.

Adrián Navigante has proposed to examine the thought and hermeneutics of Alain Daniélou which will open much of his works to discussion by other intellectuals and thinkers. The proposed title of the work is Aesthetics and Indian Spirituality.

Riccardo Nova is working on the composition of an operatic work based on the Mahabharata; through its music, the composition intends to focus on the structure of this epic work as a symbolic representation of the world which is able to unite apparent incoherencies.

Venkat Raman Singh intends to write an autobiographical work which will use verbal and plastic expressions as a reflective itinerary of a tribal artist and his relation with the world seen both through the collective and his own personal vision.

Ishan Tankha proposes a documentary study on regional resistance movements in India during the past decades and will examine their notions of war, revolution and memory in relation to the topology of a physical space.