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Italian première
Prize best screenplay and FIPRESCI at Venezia 77

The Disciple tells the story of a young Indian classical musician and his “battle for survival” in a world —the world of music—that seems only to favour contestants in talent shows. Produced by Alfonso Cuaròn, and directed by Chaitanya Tamhane who was Cuaròn’s assistant for Roma, marks the great return of Indian cinema to the line-up for the Venice International Film Festival.

Sharad Nerulkar has consacrated himself to a single goal: to become a fine interpreter of classical Indian music. This is a lifelong task that only a few succeed in doing. Initiated by his father into this millenium-old tradition, he undertakes his dream with sincerity and discipline by dedicating himself unconditionally to the rigours of this artistic voyage. He strives to master his arts at the highest levels and delves into the mysteries and sacred rituals of the musical legends of the past. As the years pass, Sharad has to confront himself both with the complex reality of life in contemporary Mumbai and also with the path that he has chosen. This dilemma will take him to find his true and authentic voice both in music and in life itself.
orig. Marathi, sub. Italian
Duration: 128’
India, 2020
with the presence of

Riccardo Biadene artistic director Summermela/Alain Daniélou Foundation, KAMA Productions

Francesco Maria Martinotti president ANAC

Selvaggia Velo director River to River Florence Indian Film Festival

Shyam Chand director Cultural Wing, Ambasciata dell’India, Roma


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