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Omaggio a Sylvano Bussotti

The Alain Daniélou Foundation supports the International Study Days dedicated to Sylvano Bussotti and in celebration of the Maestro’s 85th birthday. This project is the second part of the three-year itinerant programme “The Theatres of Sylvano Bussotti” which commenced in Palermo in November 2015. The debut of the Maestro’s work La Passion selon Sade (Palermo, 5 September 1965) over fifty years ago, the Florence-born composer marked the start of his creative voyage to uncover a new perspective of theatrical production and which has remained unchanged throughout his long and varied career.

This project will involve a varied programme of interconnected events which will be held in some of the theatres that have played a significant role in Busotti’s creative journeys (Palermo, Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence). Indeed, each of these venues will host a series of events and meetings involving not only artistes who will discuss Busotti’s music composed for the theatre, but also other many facets of his creativity that have influenced a wide range of artistic languages such as dance, art, costume, fashion, cinema, narrative theatre, and traditional opera. The last day of the programme of events (29 September – 1 October) will be held on Saturday 1 October 2016 in the prestigious Castello Colonna in Gennazzano with a presentation by Jacques Cloarec, Honorary President of the Alain Daniélou Foundation, with the title:

Sylvano Bussotti and Alain Daniélou; Two friends, two aesthetes, and two provocateurs

Following this, the French musicologist Jacques Dudon will give an introductory presentation on the Semantic, an instrument built from an idea by Alain Daniélou.

For further information regarding the programme of event for the International Study Days, please see the enclosed attachment.