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From Jung’s Red Book

The question of meaning in Eastern and Western traditions (May 12-14, 2017)

Does life have meaning? What does any such “meaning” depend on? Is it a justification of our actions, an ultimate sense of history, a transcendent source that nurtures our spirit or a myth that quells our fears? Is the so-called “meaning of life” related to the psychic mechanism and structure of human beings? Is there a bridge between this psychic structure and the transmission of religious values in different social and cultural contexts throughout the centuries? All these questions will be presented, analyzed in detail and dialogically developed at the seminar organized by the Alain Daniélou Foundation and the C. G. Jung Institute of Zurich, in which once again the thought of C. G. Jung is taken as a guideline to explore an interesting spectrum of traditions from Gnosticism to Alchemy and from Hinduism to Daoism, as well as their psychological relevance for the modern man “in search of a soul”.