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La Fondation Alain Daniélou vous annonce les résultats du processus de sélection du Grant Programme 2018

Dr. Sunandan Roy Chowdhury (Inde)

Dr. Sunandan Roy ChowdhuryThe Poet and the Pilgrim: Rabindranath Tagore and Alain Daniélou

Project Description

Alain Daniélou explored the depths of Hinduism and looked outside the frames of post-enlightenment industrial Europe. Rabindranath Tagore devoted his life to synthesis of cultures and explored a meaning beyond East and West. The present project is a comparative understanding of the critique of western modernity in Tagore and Daniélou with religious cultures and spirituality as the backdrop.

Dr. Chiara Policardi (Italie)

Dr. Chiara PolicardiYoginīs and Maenads: of animals, masks, and ecstatic dimensions: Following Daniélou’s Śiva and Dionysus

Project Description

The project aims at outlining and analyzing the comparison between the figures of Yoginīs in Śaiva Tantric traditions and of Maenads in ancient Greek Dionysian religion, focusing on the nearness to the animal world, on the presence of masks, and on the dimension of ecstatic experiences that appear to characterize both phenomena.