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In June 2013, the Alain Daniélou Foundation celebrated the Summer Solstice Mela at the Foundation, at Villa Labirinto to launch its new mission and to present its programme of activities for the next years.

After a Gala dinner at the Hotel de Russie to welcome the Alain Daniélou Foundation Committees members and friends, the opening ceremony was held on 22nd at the Foundation’s centre in Zagarolo. The programme continued the following day with a photography exhibition of works by Alain Daniélou and Raymond Burnier at Palazzo Rospigliosi in Zagarolo, a concert of traditional Cretan music by the Psarantonis Quartet , followed by a Kathakali performance by a renowned Indian group of dancers from the Sadanam Harikumar Academy in Kerala. The performance was a tribute to Alain Daniélou’s work Shiva and Dionysus. On the 23 and 24th, the Alain Daniélou Foundation Body Conference was held at the Foundation with prestigious participants and speakers (follow this link to find out more about the Body Conference). On the 25th, in collaboration with the MAXxi Museum the Alain Daniélou Foundation launched the first edition of the MAXXI FINDs INDIA annual events with talks by Subodh Gupta, Barthi Kher and Malvika Singh. A round table talk at the Casa delle Letterature with Emanuele Trevi and Tarun Tejpal on the 27th brought the festival to a close. Many members of Alain Daniélou Foundation’s Honorary Board and Advisory Committee participated at these events as well as many friends and followers.

To see the detailed programme and further contents, please visit our official Summer Mela website



photos: Mario d’Angelo