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Semantic - Alain Danielou

The seminar “Semantic Alain Danielou”

The seminar was held on the 15th February at the Centre Pompidou (IRCAM) in Paris. The entire day was dedicated to Alain Daniélou and to the Semantic: a virtual microtonal instrument which uses just intonation, according to Alain Daniélou’s theory , and presented in his work “La Sémantique Musicale”.

The presentation of the instrument was followed by sumbmissions for a competition aimed specifically at musicians from various countries.

The competition

The Semantic Microtonal Music International Competition received 35 pieces, among which 26 pieces entirely performed with the SD-53, by 16 composers (or groups of composers) from 13 countries.

Darsinis Droom by Tomi Simatupang

Spontaneous recognition  by  Ghettov Milan (R.Bruce Burleigh / aka Bopple Nini)

RagAlain Semantico by Xavier Bellenger and Mariano Rosales

Satara – in Pifano style  by  Marcos Rogozinski

Miroirs by François Théron and Olivier Roueff  by François Théron and Olivier Roueff (FTOR)

Debaser  by  François Théron and Olivier Roueff (FTOR)

La dialectique peut-elle casser des briques ?  by  François Théron and Olivier Roueff (FTOR)

Intermodal hub by Claarmont by  Claarmont

Anton’s Lullaby  by Marco Marongiu

Mouette sur l’océan de la pensée  by Michel Gaillard (Magis Optis)

Gathering   by Marius Leoca (Kamarius)

Dégardé  by  Emiliano Flores (Sub Merci)

Mallaari in Raag Gambheeranaatai  by Ashish Dha

Vestiges  by  Michel Gaillard (Magis Optis)

Ragisma Mandala  by Jacques Dudon

Check all the musical performances here.


Considering the number of pieces and their quality, the Alain Daniélou Foundation decided to double the total amount of the prizes initially offered, by giving financial prizes to 11 of the 16 selected candidates.

Check the Palmarés here.


Alain Danielou – into the labyrinth: the film

At the end of the day’s works, the Franch preview of  the docufilm “Alain Danielou – Into the Labyrinth”, by Riccardo Biadene was held in the presence of the author and: Sophie Daniélou Bassouls, Jacques Cloarec, Gabriel Matzneff, André Larquie, Jean Clausel, Jean-Christophe Brétingnière. The film has been submitted to several international Festivals including: Visions du Réel, Venice International Film Festival, Biografilm Fest.


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